-B3 organ
-Nord Stage piano
-VST Synths
-Virtual Orchestration


-Timbre, feel, glue, tone, panning
-For all genres
-Audio & Midi tracks
-incl. feedback sessions with artist




-Analog tape warmth (emulation)
-Analog EQ (emulation)
-Volume exports for Spotify, iTunes or Album
-Mid-Side stereo processing/extra wideness

Studio Sandbox

A creative environment for creating music.


In 2019, we have recorded, mixed and produced the well-received live album Rough’n Uncut by the dutch blues group: Dave Chavez Band.The album was mixed 100% digitally but with extensive use of anolog tape modulation. This gave the album it’s warmth that makes the blues feel come to life even more. The album received multiple star-reviews by renowned blues critics in the Netherlands.

‘Rough & Uncut’ album review by ‘The Blues Alone’. Dave Chavez werd op deze avond bijgestaan door toetsenist Matthijs Stauttener, bassist Peter Offerman, de ritme-sectie wordt aangevuld door de nieuwe drummer uit België Steve Wouters die u wellicht kent van…

‘Rough & Uncut’ album review by Bert Lek (Bluesbreeker): Twaalf nummers zijn vastgelegd en het is een mooi geheel geworden. Met absolute uitblinkers: de opener ‘Afraid’, ‘Boogie Real Low’ en zijn levenslied ‘Nothing But The Blues’. In ‘Black Nazareth’ en ‘I’ll Take Care Of You’ wordt Dave subliem begeleid door Matthijs Stauttener op…